The Story

Storytelling is an innate need for some. Some can’t not go without creatively telling a story. Whether it is through video or the written word, telling a story is a must for some people.

Megan McGibney is one of them. Her desire to tell stories began as a child, when she frequently drew pictures and wrote little stories to them. As she grew older, those stories developed more depth. She also became interested in the wider world. This led her to study journalism at the College of Staten Island, and went on to work in the news industry on and off for over a decade. This included both video journalism and online articles.

At one point, Megan worked briefly for a small Brooklyn nonprofit which exposed her to world of marketing. This stayed with her, and eventually, her desire to help others, along with that ever need to tell a story, led her to create Pearl Eyes Media.

Pearl Eyes Media aims to help others see the world differently through digital marketing.  That includes video, online content, social media management and email/newsletter content.

Given Megan’s background in both news and nonprofit communications, she offers the following:

  • Quick yet efficient videography and editing
  • Sharp writing and research skills
  • Analytical abilities that leave no stone unturned
  • A voice to match your business
  • Creativity and the ability to think out of the box
  • An eagerness to spread the word about your business, nonprofit or artistry

It is Megan’s love for storytelling that makes Pearl Eyes Media possible. Pearl Eyes can be referred to wisdom or even blindness. Think “once was blind, now I see”.

See the world differently with Pearl Eyes Media!

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